Evergreen can take care of any repair job from beginning to end, with professional plastering to fill the hole, then smoothing it out like it never happened at all and a perfect match to bring your home back to new.

We are also available for rendering the outside of your home, repairing and patching existing rendering jobs and generally making your outside walls look new again.

All of our team members are highly skilled in removing scratches and dents from aluminium products like your benchtops, fridge and other surfaces. We can also install concrete epoxy flooring and offer fresh layers to your garage floor for continued protection against oil stains and easy cleaning. And, of course, we are available for any painting project you have from simple touchups to entire house paints.

We have a strong reputation in your local area with plenty of satisfied customers and no complaints, as we not only offer a high-quality service but we deliver them at competitive rates, in rapid time and we arrive when we say we will.


At the Evergreen Group we provide maintenance services and specialise inĀ 

Sustainability goals

We offer the most complete industrial solutions in the century for the research, design & development of materials.

Guaranteed quality

The procedures and techniques that are used during the building process